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Vandenberg's Moonkings Moonkings (lp)

Kant 1

01 Lust and lies

02 Close to you

03 Good thing

04 Breathing

05 Steal away

06 Line of fire

07 Out of reach

Kant 2

01 Feel it

02 Leave this town

03 One step behind

04 Leeches

05 Nothing touches

06 Sailing ships


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Vitesse - From The Stable - The Vinyl Version - Limited (lp)

Van de succesvolle CD Vitesse - From The Stable verschijnt nu een vinyl versie.

Verscheidene van de nummers staan op deze lp, maar ook enkele nummers die niet op de CD stonden.

Er is gekozen om aan 1 kant nummers met Herman Brood te plaatsen "The Brood Side" en op de andere kant "The Other Great Side" nummers met Jan van der Meij, Turu Leerdam en Rudy DeQueljoe.

De release was 7 november 2019.

Het is een limited edition van 300 stuks, genummerd en gesealed, zwart vinyl in zwarte polybag.

1. Spine Pain (written by H. Brood)
2. Pretty Pamela (written by H. Brood, H. v. Boeyen, P. Smid, P. Hawinkels)
3. Back To Love (written by H. Brood)
4. Back On The Corner (written by M. Allison)
5. Funky But Clean (written by H. Brood, H. v. Boeyen, P. Smid)
6. Showbizz Blues (written by H. Brood)
The "Other Great Side", contains other songs with Jan van der Mey, Rudy de Queljoe and Turu Leerdam as appeared on the CD version:
1. Rock And Roll Band, take 2 (written by J. v.d. Mey)
2. Night Flight (written by H. v. Boeyen)
3. Hot Shots (written by H. v. Boeyen, J. v.d. Mey, R. de Queljoe, W.T. Leerdam)
4. Sweet Dreams, take 2 (written by H. v. Boeyen)
5. Down & Around (written by H. v. Boeyen)
6. Midnight Oil (written by H. v. Boeyen)
7. Springtime Confusion (yes! now it is instrumental!) (written by H. v. Boeyen)
Of course on both sides Herman van Boeyen appears!


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Vreemde Kostgangers - Nachtwerk (2 lp's)

LP 1

  • 1. Leven Zat In De Stad
  • 2. Geloof Hoop Liefde
  • 3. Schrijven
  • 4. De Afgesproken Plek
  • 5. Mocht Je Een Minnaar Willen
  • 6. Ze Houdt Van Mij
  • 7. Water Bij De Wijn
  • 8. Geen Weg Terug

LP 2

  • 1. Een Eenzaam Avontuur
  • 2. Bang
  • 3. Warm Vanavond
  • 4. Verslaafd
  • 5. Ieder Voor Zich
  • 6. Half Leeg = Half Vol
  • 7. Ik Heb Een Hekel Aan De Blues
  • 8. Dynamiet


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Wally Tax - Love in coloured vinyl (lp)

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Dutch Vinyl Masters series
Includes "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and "Feeling So Fine "
First pressing of 500 numbered copies on yellow vinyl

Kant 1

01 You don’t have to say you love me

02 Let’s forget what I said

03 The dream

04 I’m not important to you

05 Last night

06 You didn’t call me

Kant 2

01 I’ve been too good to you

02 Feeling so fine

03 I’m not to blame

04 Standing at the cross roads

05 Can’t forget about you

06 The games we play

"...In the summer of 1967, at the height of The Outsiders' success in Holland, Wally Tax decided to record a solo album. Far from containing the heavy R’n’ B that his band specialized in. Love In showcased a softer side to the singer, consisting of string-laden ballads with birdsong between the tracks. Its title was inspired by an American-inspired Love-In that had taken place in Amsterdam's Vondelpark earlier in the year, attracting 40,000 people, and it was produced by saxophonist Tony Vos, who also worked with Cuby and The Buzzards, Ekseption and other local acts.  Tax later commented: "I am a romantic, and I love the orchestra; I loved recording those romantic songs."


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Wally Tax & The Music - Springtime in Amsterdam (lp)

Kant 1

1 Springtime in Amsterdam

2 Beautiful friendship

3 Still love (London town)

4 Annie

5 You didn't have to

Kant 2

1 Birthday

2 Joyce

3 Another woman

4 Linda

5 Fanny


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Within Temptation - Mother Earth - Coloured vinyl (2 lp's)

  • LP 1
  • 1:Mother earth
  • 2:Ice queen
  • 3:Our farewell
  • 4:Caged
  • 5:The promise
  • 6:Never-ending story

  • LP 2
  • 1:Deceiver of fools
  • 2:Intro (instrumental)
  • 3:Dark wings
  • 4:In perfect harmony
  • 5:Deceiver of fools (live) bonus track
  • 6:Caged (live) bonus track
  • 7:Candles (live) bonus track
  • 8:Ice queen (live) bonus track


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Woodstock - Three - 50th Anniversary - Coloured vinyl (3 lp's)

1 Richie Havens - "High Flying Bird"
2 Bert Sommer - "Jeanette"
3 The Incredible String Band - "When You Find Out Who You Are"
4 Melanie - "Mr. Tambourine Man"
5 Creedence Clearwater Revival - "I Put A Spell On You"
6 The Keef Hartley Band -"Too Much Thinking"
7 Joe Cocker - "Hitchcock Railway"

1 Jefferson Airplane - "The Other Side Of This Life"
2 Canned Heat - "A Change Is Gonna Come/Leaving This Town"
3 Country Joe & The Fish - "Rock & Soul Music" (Reprise)
4 Sweetwater - "My Crystal Spider"

1 Sly & The Family Stone - "M’Lady"
2 Janis Joplin - "To Love Somebody"
3 The Who - "Amazing Journey/Sparks"
4 Johnny Winter - "Mean Town Blues"
5 Blood, Sweat & Tears - "Sometimes In Winter"
6 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - "49 Bye-Byes"
7 John Sebastian - "Younger Generation"


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Zipps - Kicks and chicks ever stoned (lp)

Kant 1

01 Roll the cotton down - live

02 The beer hall song - live

03 Rock my soul - live

04 Kicks and chicks - full length stereo

05 Mari-Juana (give me your smell) - demo

06 Benzedrine bassplayer (hurry) I need Benzedrine - demo

07 Mari-Juana (give me your smell) - false starts

Kant 2

01 The struggle for ice-cold milk of Benzi the bassplayer or how to promote original Dutch milk - stereo

02 The singer was stoned - demo vocal

03 The singer was stoned - instrumental demo

04 Lotus love - instrumental demo

05 When you tell it, tell it well..! - full length

06 Watch what happens! - demo